The Stylist

Offering personalised styling consultations based on your individual Ayurvedic mind-body type through a unique five-body analysis. You will receive bespoke styling tips to enhance your wellbeing, incorporating suggestions on colours for your Ayurvedic mind-body type, fabrics, and styles, gemstones, and scents, suitable artwork to contemplate on as well as musical instruments and compositions to listen to.

After your personalised styling consultation you may wish to consider a wardrobe detox to organise, declutter and edit your wardrobe so you can access your clothing, shoes and accessories quickly and easily, saving you time everyday. This will also help you to maximise your existing wardrobe and create stylish new outfits so you look and feel amazing in everything you wear.

Wellbeing reaches far beyond optimised physical health, good nutrition, and exercise. Only when physical Wellbeing is fully integrated with its subtler aspects such as mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual, as well as taking into consideration the social, occupational and environmental aspects, we can speak about a total wellbeing experience. Style4Wellbeing, is a unique approach that takes beauty and attractiveness beyond the decoration of the physical structure. It is a fusion of the principles of Ayurveda with commonly known styling concepts which brings together all of the above factors.

  • Are you interested to know your predominant elemental body personality?
  • Are you ready to explore how style can be used to align your physical body?
  • Are you looking for alternative solutions to toxic skin and body care products?
  • Are you willing to discover and understand how colour, fabric, design, gemstones, and scent can be a pathway to wellbeing?