Maya WORLD SPIRITUAL TEACHER MAYA TIWARI We do not become healers. We come into the world as healers. We do not become artists. We come as artists. Tomaz Mueller is both an extraordinary healer and a true artist. Nitesh CEO, MID 40S NITESH Tomaz genuinely took an interest in my health and gave me confidence & reassurance. His unique Ayurveda teachings permit him to reach the root cause of issues swiftly & without distraction. Renate 67 YEARS RENATE MCNAY Tomaz took my pulse and I seemed to become an open book for him and it still amazes me over and over again how accurate his reading is. Every time I leave a session with him I feel so uplifted and healthy. Philip 53 YEARS PHILIP FOSTER My journey with Tomaz has been extraordinary, far beyond any conventional medicine. In both the workplace and in my private life stresses and anxieties dissipated and energy levels rocketed; my mind-set and awareness of self sharpened in all areas of my life. Paula MID 30S PAULA Tomaz’s method just blew me away! He correctly established what is not right with me without prior telling him. Tomaz combines the Ayurvedic ancient wisdom with principles of the Quantum world of flow of energy on a cellular level. Christian 66 YEARS CHRISTIAN I was happy to find a Western specialist who could put together the science of Ayurveda to my level and it has been a discovery throughout my experience with Tomaz. I like very much his global approach of body and mind serenity. Female 31 YEARS, DIAGNOSED WITH ENDOMETRIOSIS FEMALE Tomaz’s holistic approach stood out. Little by little I got better and he helped me to cure endometriosis but also improve my approach in managing emotions, stress and overcome difficulties. Iain 70 YEARS IAIN I feel that Tomaz combines the very best of the old with the cutting edge of the new. His remedies and advice is what keeps me going and for that I am very grateful. He is a caring man who takes his work very seriously and I always feel supported by him. Alex 46 UNITED KINGDOM ALEX Tomaz really helped me feel safe and comfortable. It was magical, a rollercoaster of bliss. His work is an experience beyond description. There is something about being so deeply nurtured and cared for in such an intimate way that is deeply changing. I feel healed and renewed. Armand 46 UNITED KINGDOM ARMAND My session with Tomaz was transformational. I went to see him to rediscover my sensuality and sexuality. The session had me fall in love with myself again. I left feeling alive, nurtured, energetic and loved. He is an amazing intuitive and gifted. Dan 46 UNITED KINGDOM DAN I ended up spending two of the most magical hours with Tomaz over Zoom. Before I knew it, I was rolling around my floor in ecstasy. Then came a past life regression and during the meditation I got to meet the divine masculine and femine parts of me and learned how to hold them both in harmony. Jon 52 AUSTRALIA JON I have experienced his unreserved commitment to self-discovery, love and expansion. There is a dignity and purity about him that allows you to open and receive. I cannot speak highly enough of his intuition, openness and respect for others. Mark 53 UNITED KINGDOM MARK Tomaz took time to explain what was going to happen and then proceeded to take me step by step through the rituals, allowing me to immerse in a truly sensual experience. He has the most amazing touch. Gabriel 36 UNITED STATES GABRIEL Every experience with Tomaz is different. I’m able to reconnect & remember who I am on many levels during his sessions. I have felt very safe and at peace. His quality of touch is one that resonates with my body. Many awakenings and processes have shifted due to his sessions.