5-Body Alchemy Healing Series

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Start: 13 Nov, 2021 06:00 pm
Ends: 13 Nov, 2021 07:00 pm


WATER   (Part 2 of 5 - 60 min)
Join me for the second session in my five-part healing series focusing on aligning your physical body with its emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual counterparts.  This is a live event. A recording of this session and recordings of previous sessions will only be available for Gold and Platinum members of my  Patreon channel. 

"During the first session, I felt so moved, I had tears streaming down my face"

Discover the mystical and transformative healing powers that lie cloaked in the depths of your inner being. In this series you will be guided through an advanced form of energy transmission, fusing the principles of Tantra with recent discoveries in Quantum healing. This group healing session aims to create:
  • A connection to your inner healing potential.
  • Increased body awareness, facilitating healing and repair.
  • An inner sense of completion promoting peace and wellbeing.
  • A clearing of stagnant and unbalanced energies.
  • An experience of transcendent states of consciousness.
  • Transformation towards your higher purpose in life.

The energy was so strong, my legs could not stay still, I had the feeling of tingles in my head. I could smell the burning of the sacred Palo Santo, my head went into a space where my timeline was all in front of me." 

In part two of the series, we will connect to the element of water, which represents your emotional body, and align it with your spiritual essence. Your emotional body reflects the subconscious instincts of your past and the conscious needs of your future. Water purifies; its force and power can cleanse the stains of the past as it washes away deeply engraved emotions from your soul. This session is aimed at clearing emotional blocks that may get in the way of connecting to your innermost being; this allows you to unlock your healing potential. In this way, by focusing on expansion, healing becomes a natural byproduct.  Each part of the series utilises the following elements: Quantum Technology, breath work, sound frequencies, meditation, channelled transmission, shamanic drumming and sacred objects that help you to step out of your usual headspace into a realm of increased awareness where you will see that you are already whole and complete.
This series is aimed at anyone interested in deepening their awareness of  self and connecting to their 'doctor within'.  It takes you through a guided process that bridges the gap between your physical body and its subtler counterparts, which together make up the entirety of your being.
  • Introduction to the 5 elements/bodies
  • Channelled transmission and drumming 
  • Questions and Answers 
Create your own sacred healing space by bringing in candles, incense, and any sacred objects such as crystals or images that help you connect to the divine, to that which is bigger than yourself. It is important that you feel warm, comfortable and safe. Have some water ready and it is best to avoid eating for at least an hour before the session. For this session only, please also prepare a small piece of fruit of your choice. This will be consumed during the process.


All sessions are intended to support wellbeing, personal and spiritual growth. Those participating within the session must be 18 years or older, or if below the age of 18 accompanied by a parent or guardian.Information provided during sessions should not be used as a substitute for medical advice; always consult a medical practitioner. Any use of information provided within the session is at the client’s discretion and risk. Neither Tomaz Mueller nor his company can be held responsible for any loss, claim or damage arising out of the use, or misuse, of the suggestions made, the failure to take medical advice or for any material suggested on third party websites.
My App 'The 5-Body Alchemy Method' is launching early January '22. Designed to help those dedicated to self-expansion and their own inner healing, those willing to face their own shadows in order to break out of the Matrix of ordinary existence. Become a founding member now. Contact me for more details. Looking forward to our journey together Fly Higher  Tomaz Mueller B.A., D.A.Med. 
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